I decided to get a little more involved in the Bloggernacle over the past week.  I have put in a couple of comments here and there as AHLDuke, but I decided that I needed my own forum to direct discussion.  To give you a little background: I’m a convert to the Church (baptized in 1999), living in the South (though not for long), and attending law school at Duke University (duh…).  I stumbled onto the Bloggernacle last summer and have been pretty entranced ever since.  I have made reading it a regular part of my daily schedule but actually contributing something to the dialogue has escaped me…until now.  I will be posting regularly about LDS topics, with a few general posts thrown in here and there as well.  I hope that people will comment and get a discussion going.  This is as much a learning experience for me as it is a forum for me to put my ideas out there.  I am sure that I will make some ridiculous statements now and again and I hope people will enjoy the conversation enough to muster some evidence to correct me.  With all that said, let’s get to it….  

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