Humane General Authorities ???

I wish I had the references on hand, but over the past couple of weeks I have seen this adjective appear in several discussions of various Apostles and other leaders of the Church–humane.
What does this mean? Clearly, humane means the following (according to the American Heritage Dictionary-1. Characterized by kindness, mercy, or compassion; 2. Marked by an emphasis on humanistic values and concerns: a humane education.). But does it imply that there are other GAs who are inhumane? Who are they?


2 thoughts on “Humane General Authorities ???

  1. I’m familiar with E. McConkie’s talk “Are the General Authorities Human?” which I posted on at M* before, but I haven’t seen use of humane like that. Any links?

  2. Ben,I wish I did have some examples. I did not recognize the use of the word until I saw it three or four times on different websites and reflected later how odd a choice of words it was.

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