My picks – First Presidency reorg (February 2008)

Before the official announcement, I wanted to announce my predictions for what we’ll see at 11am MST, 1pm EST today.

First Presidency:

Pres. Thomas S. Monson (duh)
1st Counselor- Dallin H. Oaks or M. Russell Ballard
2nd Counselor- Henry B. Eyring

I think that President Eyring will stay as 2nd Counselor simply because he will likely be junior in the apostleship to anyone who could be named except for Elders Uchtdort, Bednar, or Cook. Also, he has not really been in the First Presidency so long to earn any seniority there.

New Apostle:

1st choice- a Latino (Walter Gonzalez of the Presidency of the Seventy would have been my pick, but then I found out he worked for CES…)
2nd choice- Marlin Jensen (Democrat, a white male but practically a minority in the Church)
3rd choice- D. Todd Christofferson (Duke Law alum)

Does anyone know if we’ll get the announcement of the new apostle today or will that wait until GC in April? If we have to wait, why? So the membership can sustain the new Apostle? Then why is that not necessary for the reorganization of the First Presidency?

To see some more predictions, reached in a more rational and deductive fashion, see here.


3 thoughts on “My picks – First Presidency reorg (February 2008)

  1. Wrong almost all the way around. The only one I got right was President Monson, which was all but inevitable. I did not see President Eyring moving up to 1st Counselor and thought that many others might move up besides President Uchtdorf. Back to the drawing board…

  2. You got the First Presidency wrong, but I sure hope you’re right about the apostle predictions. My preferences mirror yours: a latino or a Democrat like Marlin K. Jensen (I don’t really care about the Duke alum thing).I wonder if they’ll make the announcement soon, or if they’ll hold off until GC.Interesting times.

  3. I had to comment since I found this to be so funny. I thought similarly to you with the first presidency but hoped for some one more junior. Lucky us!I would love if Marlin Jensen were called as the new Apostle but not because he’s democrat, because I feel he has a great way to communicate with people not of our faith. Not to mention that he is one of the most humble and Christlike men I have met.Also would love a Latino and can totally see that.My other pick, Bruce Hafen. One of the churches greatest explainers of the indescribable Atonement.Just some random girl weighing in my thoughts. Carry on- Found you on Mormon blogs

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