Teabagger ancestors

I keep thinking that the 9/12 teabagger rally in Washington DC reminded me of some other major public event in DC? I’m trying to narrow it down.

Let’s think…

Nearly all white? Check.
Funny costumes? Check.
Lots of ignorant Southerners? Check.
Patriotic flag-waving? Check.
Overt racism? Check.
Concerned about wanting to “take back our country”? Check.
Intimidation by the threat of violence? Check.

Now I think I remember the event I was thinking of…


6 thoughts on “Teabagger ancestors

  1. Of course, its hyperbole. I don't take the teabaggers as seriously as I take the real KKK. But part of the point is to show how ridiculous and out of touch the teabaggers are for labeling Obama a communist AND a Nazi.Of course, I do believe that a great many teabaggers are drinking from the same well of racial grievance, wounded pride, and ignorance that the KKK does. And were we to rewind 50 years or so I would not be surprised to see the teabaggers or their parents resisting school integration and desegregation with force.

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