The Nightstand (Feb. 26)

So this is really really late, but I’ve been thinking about writing some more extended thoughts about the first article linked below.  I am still thinking about it, but will include it in this coming week’s post.

The Nightstand (February 26)

Mitt Romney’s Abortion Record: Flip-flop or conversion (William Saletan, Slate)- Absolutely fascinating and well-researched.

The Koran and the NYPD (Amy Davidson, The New Yorker)

Why Jay Bilas and Mike Gminski are the Best and Least-Annoying Analysts Working College Basketball (Frank Barrows, Charlotte Magazine)– Title could have used some work, but its no coincidence that two Duke grads end up on top.  I am sorry that Bilas’ Twitter persona (is it real?) as a hip rap aficionado and critic of the NCAA system did not get any kind of mention in the article.  It is literally the reason why I check my Twitter feed first thing in the morning.

How to Halt the Butchery in Syria (Anne-Marie Slaughter, NYT)- I am by nature a pacifist, so I believe that we have to find some way to resolve the oppression in Syria without committing troops and/or aircraft to the task.

Bioconservatives v. Bioprogressives (Ronald Bailey, Reason Magazine)

Women and Islam: A Debate with Human Rights Watch (various, NYRBlog)

The Cultural Contradictions of Democracy (Vladislav Inozemtsev, The American Interest)

Will the Tea Get Cold? (Sam Tanenhaus, NYRBlog)

Brainstorming Doesn’t Really Work (Jonah Lehrer, The New Yorker)- Confirming all my suspicions about the utility of group projects…

The Lost Party (John Heilemann, New York Magazine)


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