The Nightstand (March 11-17)

Yeah I’m behind, so sue me….

The Nightstand

Mitt Romney and the Politics of….Mitt Romney (Armand Mauss, By Common Consent)  Last week I posted Stuart Parker’s piece on “passing.”  This is Mauss’ critique and response, worth reading in its own right.

The Unpersuaded (Ezra Klein, New Yorker)- against the “speech-making” theory of the presidency.

How Not to Attract Tourists (Mark VanHoenacker, NYT)

Is Silence Going Extinct? (Kim Tingley, NYT)

What Isn’t for Sale (Michael Sandel, The Atlantic)

Keeping Mormonism Really Nice-for-All (kiwimormon)

Hey, kids! Anybody here not hear the f-word? (Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times)

Correction of the Year (Paul Waldman, The American Prospect)

An Abortion in Texas (Andrew Sullivan, The Dish @ The Daily Beast)– The longer story is at the Texas Observer.  I generally find it impossible to adopt for myself either of the labels “pro-life” or “pro-choice,” since I cannot countenance the extremes in either camp.  I am Clintonian by temperament– abortion should be “safe, legal, and rare.”  But I expect we will hear many more stories like the one linked to above before a real movement starts to stop punishing women who are already in the crux of an incredibly difficult decision.

Discussing the Motives of the Afghan Shooter (Glenn Greenwald, Salon)– Clear example of the fundamental attribution error.


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