The Nightstand (March 18-24)

The Nightstand

Why Some Countries go Bust (Adam Davidson, NYT)

Age of Ignorance (Charles Simic, NYRBlog)

International at BYU: Difficulties of the Unrepresented (Erik McCarthy, The Student Review)– The BYU Student Review, only resurrected late last year, has been putting out consistent strong journalism every month, shedding light on previously untold stories and uncomfortable issues that other institutions in Provo will not touch.  This is one example.

The Reproduction of Privilege (Thomas B. Edsall, NYT)

America is Stealing the World’s Doctors (Matt McAllester, NYT)

Introducting iGov (Ethan Porter and David Kendall, Democracy)

Is a Calorie a Calorie? (Mark Bittman, NYT)

In Europe, Where Art is Life, Ax Falls on Public Financing (Larry Rohter, NYT)

What to do about Inequality (David B. Grusky, Boston Review)

Sworn-Again Americans (Eric Liu, Democracy)


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