The Nightstand (April 1)

The Nightstand

Hemings and Jefferson Together Forever? (Max Mueller, Slate)

What Every Black Man in America Must Learn (Roundtable, Socialist Worker)

We’re So Exceptional (Michael Ignatieff, NYRB)

Marx at 193 (John Lanchester, London Review of Books)

The Phantoms I’ve Killed (Tom Murphy, Do the Math)– I wish I could say I was ready to go for this, but there is no way I am turning my AC either off or down in the middle of spring/summer in Houston.  You would have to come mop me up off the floor.

A Quantum Theory of Mitt Romney (David Javerbaum, NYT)

World War 3.0 (Michael Joseph Gross, Vanity Fair)

Capitalism: a Ghost Story (Arundhati Roy, Outlook India)


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