The Nightstand (May 21-27)

Black Mormons and the Politics of Identity (Susan Saulny, NYT)

In China, Fear at the Top (Roderick MacFarquhar, NYT)

Unequal Shares (James Surowiecki, The New Yorker)

In Romney, Mormons See Path to Christian Mainstream (Noah Feldman, Bloomberg View)

Why China Won’t Rule (Robert Skidelsky, Project Syndicate)– Not sure I agree totally, but a worthy read nonetheless.

Israel In Peril (David Shulman, NYRB)

Who Will Save the Middle Class (Jeff Faux, The American Prospect)

The Latest to Botch Mormonism: Garry Wills (Joanna Brooks, Religion Dispatches)

Are Women Held Back by Colleagues’ Wives? (Lauren Stiller Rikleen, Harvard Business Review)

Latter-day Politics (Amy Davidson, The New Yorker)

The Primal Ache (John Paul Rollert, Boston Review)

Why Private Equity Firms Like Bain Capital Really Are the Worst of Capitalism (Josh Kosman, Rolling Stone)

Is Mormonism Ridiculous? (Taylor Petrey, Peculiar People)– Great article, but as usual, the comments section is atrocious.


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