The Nightstand (August 19th)

Ayn Rand

Atlas Spurned (Jennifer Burns, NYT)

Can You Be A Christian and Follow Ayn Rand? (Jana Riess, Flunking Sainthood)– Probably not, says author (and it is worth pointing out that Rand herself would likely agree).


Why Race Is Still a Problem for the Mormons (John Turner, NYT)– Turner is the author of the new premier biography on Brigham Young, due in September.

How (George) Romney Championed Civil Rights and Challenged His Church (Edward J. Blum and Paul Harvey, The Atlantic)– The apple, falling so so far from the tree…

Why Mormons Should Write Fantasy Novels (Alan Hurst, Peculiar People)

A Historical Note on ‘Unorthodox Mormonism’ (Ben Park, By Common Consent)

Rawls? Rawls! Makes an Appearance in the MSM

The Veil of Opulence (Benjamin Hale, NYT Opinionator)– Best article I have read this week.  Working Romney and Rawls into the same column is a stroke of genius.


Moral Compass: A Guide to Religious Freedom (Kenan Malik, New Humanist)


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