The Nightstand (August 26th)

Election 2012

His Grief, and Ours (Leon Wieseltier, The New Republic)– Without a doubt, the single must-read article of the week.

The Stakeholder Strategy (Kent Greenfield, Democracy Journal)

Investors in Health Care Seem to Bet on the Incumbent (Andrew Ross Sorkin, Deal Book/NYT)

The reality of trying to shrink government (Lawrence Summers, WaPo)

How to Succeed in Business Without Adding Value (David Moberg, In These Times)

Five Things Government Does Better than You (Monica Potts, The American Prospect)


Why Waiting is Torture (Alex Stone, NYT)

Testing What We Think We Know (H. Gilbert Welch, NYT)

Want a Global Economic Boom?  Open the Borders (Dylan Matthews, Wonkblog)

“We Are Not Self Made” (Andrew Sullivan, The Dish)

Are You a Good Mormon or a Bad Mormon?  How Exclusive Language Might Just Lead to Apostasy (Emily Belanger, Peculiar People)

Follow the Money (David Conn, London Review of Books)


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