The Nightstand (October 7th)


Waiting for an Arab Spring of Ideas (Tariq Ramadan, NYT)

The Reality of Anti-Blasphemy Laws (Hussein Ibish, Open Zion)


Life-Span Gap Skews Entitlements Toward the Well-Off (Peter Orszag, Bloomberg View)

Corporate Welfare Queens (James Surowiecki, The New Yorker)

Inequality and Its Perils (Jonathan Rauch, National Journal)

I am a job creator: a manifesto for the entitled (Steven Pearlstein, WaPo)– Now’s who the entitled one?

Are Women Better Off Than They Were Four Years Ago? (E.J. Graff, The American Prospect)

Conservatism and Extreme Inequality (Andrew Sullivan, The Dish)

Moving Beyond Affirmative Action (Thomas Espenshade, NYT)

Justice Kennedy is Back for More Torture (Noah Feldman, Bloomberg View)


Mormon Sister Missionaries: Progress with an Asterisk (Jana Riess, Flunking Sainthood), (Re)Conceptualizing Our Gendered Missionary Image (Ben Park, By Common Consent) & Missionary Service and Mormon Femininities (Rosalynde Welch, Times & Seasons)– The only thing that Mormons will be talking about this week.  I could have linked any of three dozen articles, commentaries, etc. on this, but these three seem to fit best.

New Youth Curriculum, and the Digital Facilitation of New Revelation (David Tayman, Worlds Without End)

Mocking Romney’s Mormon Self-Sufficiency and What that Misses (Russell Arben Fox, By Common Consent)

Profits of Zion (Matt Bowman, Slate)


The US Presidential debates’ illusion of political choice (Glenn Greenwald, The Guardian)

Express yourself, but vote (Joel Bleifuss, In These Times)

We’re all values voters (Nathaniel Frank, The American Prospect)


We’re Here, We’re Queer, Ya’ll (Karen Cox, NYT)– Clearly this wins the award for best article title of the week, if not the year.


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