The Nightstand (Oct 14th)

The campaign’s moral hole (E.J. Dionne, WaPo)

One Blogger’s Response to Elder Holland’s Conference Talk (Sophia, Feminist Mormon Housewives)

Martha Raddatz and the faux objectivity of journalists (Glenn Greenwald, The Guardian)

Shut up and play nice: How the Western World is limiting free speech (Jonathan Turley, WaPo)

‘Your Women Are Oppressed but Ours Are Awesome’: How Nicholas Kristof and Half the Sky Use Women Against Each Other (Sayantani DasGupta, Racialicious)

The Wrong Way to Help the Poor (Gary MacDougal, NYT)

Romney is Unwise to Believe in the Wisdom of Markets (Mark Buchanan, Bloomberg View)

The International Church and the ‘Gospel Culture’ (Ryan Tobler, Peculiar People)

Policy to Theology (Let’s Get this Right) (Elisothel, Feminist Mormon Housewives)

Pragmatism and Progress: An Overview of LDS Sister Missionary Service in the Twentieth Century (andrearm, Juvenile Instructor)

GD Pedagogy (Kevin Barney, By Common Consent)

A real class war may be on its way (Harold Meyerson, WaPo)

What the recent missionary announcement should teach us about structural inequality (rah, Feminist Mormon Housewives)

The issues they won’t talk about (Eric Ruder, Socialist Worker)

Long Live Paper (Justin Hollander, NYT)


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