The Nightstand (Oct 22nd)– Election Fatigue Edition


‘This Chamber Reeks of Blood’ (Raymond J. Haberski, US Intellectual History blog)

The Grit and Grace of George McGovern (Tom Daschle, The American Prospect)
Blue states are from Scandanavia, red states are from Guatemala (Jonathan Cohn, The New Republic)– Seems insulting to Guatemala

Giving children the right to vote (Seymon Dukach, WaPo)
The opiate of exceptionalism (Scott Shane, NYT)

Bill & Hillary Forever (John Heilemann, New York)

Reaping the Whirlwind (Linda Greenhouse, NYT)

Growing Up Romney (Noam Scheiber, The New Republic)– The Romney family myth of self-reliance.

More Speech is Better (David Cole, NYRB)
Are Capitalism and Democracy Failing Us? (Raghu Rajan, Fault Lines)

The Arizonification of America (Jeff Biggers, NYT)- Arizona, the “meth lab of democracy”


No More Industrial Revolutions (Thomas Edsall, NYT)
Buyology (Jerry DeNuccio, The Smart Set)
The self-destruction of the 1 percent (Chrystia Freeland, NYT Sunday Review)

Sympathy for the Plutocrat (Nick Hanauer, Reuters)

Foreign Affairs

China’s other power struggle (Charlie Zhu, David Lague, Reuters)

The billionaires next door (Chrystia Freeland, Reuters)


George Lucas’ Force (Camille Paglia, The Chronicle of Higher Education)


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