The Nightstand (Nov 11th)

Election Post-Mortems

The End of Political Truth? (David Corn, Mother Jones)– see also The Real Loser: Truth (Kevin Kruse, NYT)

We Need a Little Fear (Jonathan Haidt, NYT)

What Romney Lost (Garry Wills, NYRB)

A Victory Over Suppression (Elizabeth Drew, NYRB)

Are Conservative Media Only Hurting Conservatives? (Paul Waldman, The American Prospect)


The Election and Why Millennials are Leaving the Church Margins (Kerry Pimblott, Religion in American History blog)- I file this under the Mormon heading, not because it specifically applies to Mormonism on its own terms but because I think many of the same pressures are present.

Virtual Religion: Not So New (Susanna Morrill, Peculiar People)

Why Romney’s Loss is Good for Mormonism (Patrick Mason, Peculiar People)

Why Romney’s Loss is Good for Mormon Studies (Patrick Mason, Juvenile Instructor)– No, I did not accidentally post the same item twice.  There are two different essays by the same author, with slightly different but related themes.

The Mormon Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism (Jackson Learns, The New Republic)– Excellent review essay of several recent books.

The Mormonizing of America (Stephen Mansfield, Huffington Post)– I’m not sure I am convinced by the thesis– it seems to me that, unlike Jews (another small group that is historically over-represented in American institutions), Mormons have not been able to insinuate themselves into major media or cultural organizations in a way that has enabled them to prosper and perpetuate their message and “peoplehood.”

Seizing the Mormon Moment (Rachel Lu, First Things)– Certainly one of the more bizarre takes on the Mormon Moment.

Heavenly Mother and Paradoxical Embodiment (Rachael Rose, The Mormon Worker)

Don’t Talk to Me About Coffee and Sex (nat kelly, Feminist Mormon Housewives)– A plea for priorities.  Highly recommended.

13 Articles of Health Chastity (Lisa Butterworth, Feminist Mormon Housewives)

Banishing the Cross: Emergence of a Mormon Taboo (Michael Reed, Worlds without End)

Politics and Policy

Why Not an Income-Based Affirmative Action? (Richard Kahlenberg, WaPo)

Freedom & Diversity: A Liberal Pentagram for Living Together (Timothy Garton Ash, NYRB)

The Permanent Militarization of America (Aaron B. O’Connell, NYT)

You Are Not a Loan (Rebecca Burns, In These Times)


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