The Nightstand (Jan 6, 2013)


The Strangest Conservative Priority: Prepping a ‘2nd Amendment Solution’ (Conor Friedersdorf, The Atlantic)

America’s Real Criminal Element: Lead (Kevin Drum, Mother Jones)

In Texas, Resistance to a Renewed Call for an Annual Roundup of Legislators (Manny Fernandez, NYT)– This was one of the more seriously weird things we ran into when we moved to Texas– the legislature meets only once every two years.  Its a huge state, with lots of problems, and a complex regional economy(ies), and is seriously “undergoverned.”  But restricting meetings of the legislature is putting Texas’ ridiculous commitment to conservatism into action.

Secrets and Lies of the Bailout (Matt Taibbi, Rolling Stone)

Guns and Drugs (Michelle Chen, In These Times)

The ‘war on terror’ – by design – can never end (Glenn Greenwald, The Guardian)

The Disappeared (Frank Dikotter, Foreign Policy)

Getting a better education and paying for it (Andres Pinter, WaPo)

Better, if not Cheaper, Care (Ezekiel Emanuel, NYT)

The big issues in macroeconomics: the fiscal multiplier (John Quiggin, Crooked Timber)

Religion and Mormonism

Tolkien: On Fairy Stories (Ronan James Head, By Common Consent)

A Church without Words (Heidi Harris, Peculiar People)

Purity Culture is Rape Culture (E.J. Graff, The American Prospect)– There are some implications for LDS here IMO, but I am too timid to really sort them out.

One Miracle at a Time (Kevin Barney, Feminist Mormon Housewives)

The Mormon Guy’s Career Guide to Mansplaining (Scott H, Feminist Mormon Housewives)

Issues in Mormon Feminism (Taylor Petrey, Peculiar People)


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