The Nightstand (January 13)


Major Companies Push the Limit of a Tax Break (David Kocieniewski, NYT)

How the world manages to waste half its food (Brad Plumer, Wonkblog)


Organizing the Doctrine and Covenants Lessons: Or, Why the Topical Approach Doesn’t Work (Ben Park, By Common Consent)

Questioning Mormonism (David Bokovoy, Worlds Without End)

Pride: How the motivation for most sins has (thus far) kept me from apostasy (John C., By Common Consent)

The Pedagogy of Sunday School (Norbert, By Common Consent)


A Standardized Testing Revolt (Abby Rapaport, The American Prospect)

The Question Torture Apologists Can’t Answer (Paul Waldman, The American Prospect)


Media Violence versus Real Violence (Paul Waldman, The American Prospect)– I should also put a special plug in here for David Waldman’s Twitter feed (not sure if they are brothers, but there appears to be some resemblence).  David (as KagroX) has been documenting accidental gun deaths on a daily basis.  The pace is truly staggering.


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