Volume 2.17 (April 22-28)

Pick of the Week

Why is Boston ‘terrorism’ but not Aurora, Sandy Hook, Tucson and Columbine (Glenn Greenwald, The Guardian)


Immigrant Kids, Adrift (Marcelo and Carola Suarez-Orozco, NYT)

Air traffic control shouldn’t be a government responsibility (Joshua Schank, WaPo)– Color me still unconvinced about the argument that privatization will not hurt quality and safety.  It may have worked in the UK and Canada, but both have stronger traditions of regulated capitalism than the US.  If ATC went private, it would be a matter of time before the unions got busted and there was a race to the bottom.  For a different look at the same agency and the same privatization problem, but on a different issue see A Back Seat for Safety at the FAA (James E. Hall, NYT)

Only an Accident (Bruce Machart, NYT)

SEC is Asked to Require Disclosure of Donations (Nicholas Confessore, NYT)

Is Washington the Worst Place on Earth? (Paul Waldman, The American Prospect)

The Gun Lobby, the Israel Lobby and Double Standards (Andrew Sullivan, The Dish)

What is a Terrorist? (Fernando Teson, Bleeding Heart Libertarians)– Of course, as pointed out in the very first comment, the whole schema relies on a tendentious determination of what causes are “just.”

How Geography Explains the United States (Aaron David Miller, Foreign Policy)

Inside America’s Dirty Wars (Jeremy Scahill, The Nation)

State of fear (Editors, Socialist Worker)

What if the Tsarnaevs had been the ‘Boston shooters’? (John Cassidy, The New Yorker)

The Debt We Shouldn’t Pay (Robert Kuttner, NYRB)

Health Care

Under Obamacare program, doctor visits would become data points (Sarah Kliff, Wonkblog)

If this was a pill, you’d do anything to get it (Ezra Klein, Wonkblog)

Price of drugs for chronic myeloid leukemia (CML), reflection on unsustainable cancer drug prices: perspective of CML experts (Multiple experts, Blood)– Ignore the ridiculous and pretentious scientific journal title.  This group of physicians, including some with serious research agendas in cancer treatment as well as ties to industry, are speaking up about the high price of essential cancer medications.


The Mormon Reinvention of Emma Smith (Jana Riess, Flunking Sainthood)

Why Mormons should not be afraid of Mormon Studies (David Bokovoy, Worlds without End)

Is Mormon Studies Possible at a Mormon University? (Richard Livingston, Peculiar People)

What is priesthood? What is gender’s relationship to priesthood? (Joanna Brooks, Ask Mormon Girl)

Pay No Attention to that Man Behind the Curtain (Kate Kelly, Feminist Mormon Housewives)

‘Matt and Me (But Mostly Me)’: A Conversation of The Book of Mormon on Broadway (Matt Bowman and Christine Hutchison-Jones, Peculiar People)


Bradley Manning is off-limits at the SF Pride Parade, but corporate sleaze is embraced (Glenn Greenwald, The Guardian)

Brittney Griner and the Quiet Queering of Professional Sports (Wesley Morris, Grantland)

How the L.A. Times can stop the Kochs (Steve Pearlstein, Wonkblog)

The debt to pleasure (The Economist)

Cooked: a DIY Manifesto (Michael Pollan, Medium)– An excerpt from Pollan’s new book.

Learning from China, but What? (Yu Hua, NYT)

Even Violet Drug Cartels Fear God (Damien Cave, NYT)


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