Volume 2.23 (June 3-9)

Pick of the Week-  Why Finnish babies sleep in cardboard boxes (Helena Lee, BBC)– I love everything about this story.  It’s a great example of a government program which doesn’t just address a present need, but creates a cultural touchstone that binds together generations.

Foreign Affairs

A Golden Age for Intervention? (Neil MacFarquhar, NYT)

How China Changed After Tiananmen Square (Andrew Lam, In These Times)

The Most Dangerous Job in the World (Saul Elbein, The New Republic)

China’s Pork Deal May Hinge on the Risk for an Uproar (Steven M. Davidoff, NYT)

China’s Economic Empire (Heriberto Araujo and Juan Pablo Cardenal, NYT)


Only Children: Lonely and Selfish? (Lauren Sandler, NYT)

Moving On (Stanley Fish, NYT)– I have given away only very small portions of my personal library from time to time and even that is like a funeral.  I can’t imagine a thorough housecleaning like the one Fish describes.

Income-Based Diversity Lags at Some Universities (Richard Perez-Pena, NYT)

The Darkest Year of Medical School (Danielle Ofri, Slate)

Education, Technology, Passivity (Alan Jacobs, The American Conservative)


If the NSA Trusted Edward Snowden with our Data, Why Should We Trust the NSA? (Farhad Manjoo, Slate)

As Wars End, a Rush to Grab Dollars Spent on the Border (Eric Lipton, NYT)

Counterterrorism Measures Should Be Put Through the OIRA Cost-Benefit Analysis Wringer (Matthew Yglesias, Slate)

If you pay them money, partisans will tell you the truth (Dylan Mathews, Wonkblog)

Rethinking American exceptionalism (David Sirota, In These Times)

Now is the time to be an infrastructure hawk, not a deficit hawk (Ezra Klein, Wonkblog)

Is a democratic surveillance state possible? (Mike Konczal, Wonkblog)

The End of the Solid South (Bob Moser, The American Prospect) with state-specific stories on TexasNorth Carolina and Virginia

The right to evade regulation: How corporations hijacked the First Amendment (Tim Wu, The New Republic)

Karl Marx, radical environmentalist (Phil Gaspar, Socialist Worker)

The $2.7 Trillion Medical Bill (Elisabeth Rosenthal, NYT)


Embracing Our Peculiarity (Tracy M, By Common Consent)

why the culture is as important as the gospel (Victoria Birkbeck, young Mormon feminists)


Look Out, Supermarkets– Amazon is Coming to Destroy You While Losing Money Delivering Groceries (Matthew Yglesias, Slate)

For Fighting Poverty, Cash is Surprisingly Effective (Charles Kenny, Bloomberg Businessweek)



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