Volume 2.25 (June 17-23)

Pick of the Week– BYU’s Honor Code and Hostile Environment Sexual Harassment (Angela C., By Common Consent)

The supermoon rises behind a building of the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul, Turkey. The moon, which wil


Wife…Mother…And? (Cristine, Juvenile Instructor)

Enough with the Daddy Wars (E.J. Graff, The American Prospect)– I posted an initial Daddy Wars article last week.  This articles features some important critiques and hedges.


Revisiting the Moynihan Report (Ta-Nehisi Coates, The Atlantic)

A Rising Tide Lifts All Yachts (Ta-Nehisi Coates, The Atlantic)

Data You Can Believe In (Jim Rutenberg, NYT)

It’s almost as if Jeff Sessions’ opposition to immigration reform isn’t about the poor at all (Ezra Klein, Wonkblog)

Immigration reform is a free lunch (Ezra Klein, Wonkblog)

Marco Rubio’s Broken English Requirement (Gabriel Arana, The American Prospect)

Put the Spies Back Under One Roof (Tim Shorrock, NYT)– Incidentally, privatization of essential functions of government is not simply a matter of national intelligence.  Contractors basically run all of Medicare and other government health programs.

Spying on Americans: a Very Old Story (Aryeh Neier, NYRB)

The complacency of the meritocrats (Harold Pollack, Wonkblog)

The business-friendly legislature known as SCOTUS (Justin Fox, Harvard Business Review)


Politics: some / Politics: none.  Two ways to excel in political journalism.  Neither dominates (Jay Rosen, PressThink)

The One-Stop Whistleblower Shop (Peter Jukes, The New Republic)

Silver v. Politico (Andrew Sullivan, The Dish)


An Unconditional Surrender in the Culture Wars (Andrew Sullivan, The Dish)

Can We Forgive Alan Chambers? (Gabriel Arana, The American Prospect)

Foreign Affairs

Why India Trails China (Amartya Sen, NYT)

Five Rules for Arming Rebels (Edward Luttwak, Foreign Policy)

Brazilians confront the austerity games (Dave Zirin, Socialist Worker)

Did sanctions shape the Iranian election? (Mehdi Khalaji, WaPo)


Men, Sex and Modesty (Jacob, By Common Consent)

The Politics of Editing ‘The False Gods We Worship’ (TT, Faith Promoting Rumor)


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