Volume 2.28 (July 8-14)


My mother’s abortion (Beth Matusoff Merfish, NYT)

The Wealthy Woman Behind Wendy Davis (Molly Redden, The New Republic)

Coveting not a Corner Office, but Time at Home (Catherine Rampell, NYT)

Why we all stand with Texas women (Editorial, Socialist Worker)

Women’s rights on the line in Texas (Jamie Stuart and Laura Taylor, Socialist Worker)

Who has an abortion after 20 weeks? (Darshak Sanghavi, Slate)– A physician’s perspective.

A Pill Available in Mexico is a Texas Option for Abortion (Erik Eckholm, NYT)


Europe surpasses America in vacations (Robert Samuelson, WaPo)

Censoring the News Before it Happens (Perry Link, NYRB)

Mr. Miller Goes to Bangladesh (Mike Elk, In These Times)

Snowden’s revelations highlight the moral decline of America (Pratap Bhanu Mehta, Financial Times)


Under Obamacare, Millions Will Die (Paul Waldman, The American Prospect)– It’s not what you think.

Do Clinical Trials Work? (Clifton Leaf, NYT)


Schools Seeking to Arm Employees Hit Hurdle on Insurance (Stephen Yaccino, NYT)– The free market speaks.

The Zimmerman Acquittal Isn’t About “Stand Your Ground” (Scott Lemieux, The American Prospect)


Voting Inequalities (Andrew Sullivan, The Dish)

A Wasted Crisis? Why Democrats did so little to change Wall Street (Paul Starr, The New Republic)

In the South, the GOP is A-OK with Being the White People Party (Paul Waldman, The American Prospect)

The Decline of North Carolina (Editorial Board, NYT)

America against democracy (W.W., The Economist)


Teach for America’s Civil War (James Cersonsky, The American Prospect)


The wastefulness of automation (Frances Coppola, Pieria)

Owning a Home Isn’t Always a Virtue (Robert Shiller, NYT)


1/8 of an Inch (Ron Madson, The Mormon Worker)


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