Volume 2.37 (September 9-15)

Pick of the Week— A Plea for Caution from Russia (Vladimir V. Putin, NYT)– Belongs in the International Trolling Hall of Fame


Obama Tests Limits of Power in Syrian Conflict (Charlie Savage, NYT)

How to Save the Syrians (Michael Ignatieff, NYRB)

Chemical Disarmament Hard Even in Peacetime (William J. Broad and C.J. Chivers, NYT)

Establish a Syrian War Crimes Tribunal (Chris Smith, WaPo)

How the Anti-War Movement Won the Hearts and Minds of the Public (Bernadine Dohrn, In These Times)

U.S. war decisions rightfully belong to elected civilian leaders, not the military (David W. Barno, WaPo)

The West Won’t Intervene Decisively in Syria. So why can’t we be honest about it? (Anne Applebaum, Spectator)


Selling the Fantasy of Fertility (Mirian Zoll and Pamela Tsigdinos, NYT)

The Big Picture

It Captures Your Mind (Cass Sunstein, NYRB)

The Pop! of the Wild (Aaron Hirsh, NYT)


What I saw at the financial crisis (Neil Irwin, Wonkblog)

5 Years Later, We’ve Learned Nothing From the Financial Crisis (James Kwak, Atlantic)

How the cult of shareholder value ruined American business (Steven Pearlstein, WaPo)


History is Made by the Many: A response to Margaret Young’s ‘Shall we Protest?’ (Tristan Savage, The Mormon Worker)

Drowning in Modesty Guidelines at Girls Camp (Angela C, By Common Consent)

The Council of Fifty (J. Stapley, By Common Consent)

Blood and Horror on this Earth (Gina Colvin, Kiwi Mormon)

Not power; but confidence and faith (Blair Hodges, By Common Consent)

Unto the least of these (Rune, Feminist Mormon Housewives)


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