Volume 2.38 (Sept 16-22)

The Big Picture

Lifelines for Poor Children (James J. Heckman, NYT)

The Mismeasure of Poverty (Sheldon Danziger, NYT)

Poor in the Land of Plenty (David K. Shipler, NYT)

The Mental Strain of Making Do with Less (Sendhil Mullainathan, NYT)


Red State Pain (Timothy Egan, NYT)

No, Economics is Good for Lots of Things (Yichuan Wang, Not Quite Noahpinion)

What Maryland does better than Texas (Martin O’Malley, WaPo)


Can Your Kid Hack It in Kindergarten? (Melinda Wenner Moyer, Slate)– From our experience, if anything, kindergarten is too easy.

America’s hip-hop double standard (Gilbert Newman Perkins, WaPo)

A Grand Unified Theory of Pixar (Jon Negroni, Slate)– With a fuller version published at Negroni’s own website.

The Violence in Our Heads (T.M. Luhrmann, NYT)

A Long Way from the End of Men (Monica Potts, The American Prospect)


The Sum of its Parts (Paul Waldman, The American Prospect)

We Shall Overwhelm (David Cay Johnston, The American Prospect)

Leaks and Consequences (Lincoln Caplan, The American Scholar)

America’s Exception Deception (Paul Waldman, The American Prospect)

Foreign Policy

The Duty to Protect, Still Urgent (Michael Ignatieff, NYT)

For Migrants, New Land of Opportunity is Mexico (Damien Cave, NYT)

The Two-State Illusion (Ian Lustick, NYT)


Belief and Belonging in Mormonism (Taylor Petrey, Peculiar People)

Radical Self-Respect (AuntMarvel, Feminist Mormon Housewives)– “Mormon women are taught their entire lives to put the needs of everyone else ahead of their own. We inculcate doormat culture from a very young age. We must stand up for ourselves. We must stand up for equality. We must adopt an attitude of radical self-respect. If we don’t, who will?”


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