Volume 2.39 (Sept 23-29)

Pick of the Week — You Won’t See This on TV (Seth Abramson, Boston Review)– Fifteen truths about the way the criminal justice system really operates.


My State Needs Obamacare Now (Steve Beshear, NYT)

Freebies for the Rich (Catherine Rampell, NYT)

Ted Cruz Needs to Stop Trying to Make Princeton Happen (Matthew Yglesias, Slate)– “Let me say first off: This is an insane attitude to have about life. Completely, utterly insane on every level.”

Myth Buster: Latinos are not ‘Natural Conservatives’ (Gabriel Arana, The American Prospect)– “Not only does this constituency strongly identify with Democrats on the key social issues that matter to movement conservatives—abortion and same-sex marriage—they are more liberal than most Americans. And hardworking or not, Latinos are concerned with rising inequality and favor public investment in the economy. All this is bad news for those who think the GOP is a rebrand away from cashing in on a Latino giveaway.

Civil Liberties

A Newly Released Secret Opinion Shows Surveillance Courts Are Even Worse Than You Knew (Jeffrey Rosen, New Republic)

Have a Nice Day, NSA (Vanessa Barbara, NYT)

Foreign Affairs

How long can the Communist Party survive in China? (Jamil Anderlini, Financial Times)

An Empire in a Galaxy Not So Far Away (David Sirota, In These Times)– “To know if this is imperial behavior, simply ask yourself whether you would label another country an “empire” if it was doing this kind of thing. Of course you would (and you’d probably call that nation even worse things, too).”

Here’s the Deal the U.S. and Iran Should Make Right Now (Kenneth Pollack, New Republic)

The Economy

How Much Money Would It Take to Eliminate Poverty in America? (Matt Bruenig, The American Prospect)

For a Better Way to Prosecute Corporations, Look Overseas (Brandon L. Garrett and David Zaring, Dealbook)


The Two Faces of American Education (Andrew Delbanco, NYRB)– Diane Ravitch vs. Michelle Rhee

Tests Make Kids Smarter.  Let’s Give Them More (Ezekiel Emanuel, New Republic)– Definitely not posted for endorsement.


The science of global warming has changed a lot in 25 years.  The basic conclusions have not.  (Brad Plumer, Wonkblog)


Saint Stephen the Ironist (Andrew Sullivan, The Dish)

The production of innocence and the reporting of American politics (Jay Rosen, Pressthink)


A Culture of Conspiracy: An Interview with Michael Barkun (Religion in American History)– “Conspiracism is not exclusively a right-wing phenomenon. A main characteristic is a deep suspicion of authority—religious, political, academic, etc.”

Nate Silver on Finding a Mentor, Teaching Yourself Statistics and Not Settling in Your Career (Walter Frick, Harvard Business Review)

Burning The Bridge (Robert Andrew Powell, Grantland)– Let me add that I too have been deeply disappointed by The Bridge, even if in slightly different ways than the author of this piece.  What should have been a great show about the border and all the various issues that take place around an imaginary line that is supposed to divide (but doesn’t) two cultures and people was quickly reduced to a show about a serial killer that happens to take place somewhere near where a bunch of Mexicans live.  I’m probably quitting this show at the end of the season.

Lost to the Ages (Emily Yoshida, Grantland)– I’ll admit that I never made it through Myst.  Played it quite a bit, but never got through it.  I was a little young to understand the puzzles and my computer was too slow to make any game very playable.


‘What has not been assumed has not been healed’: Ordain Women and the ‘androgyny’ of Christ (Ronan James Head, By Common Consent)

Why LDS Women Will Not Be Ordained to the Priesthood (David Howlett, Peculiar People)


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