Volume 2.41 (October 7-13)

Pick of the WeekChildren and Guns: The Hidden Toll (Michael Luo and Mike McIntire, NYT)– If only the NRA’s stubborn unwillingness to consider any, ANY measure that would help protect children was the most horrifying part of this article.

Pick of the Week #2

Obesity is not a disease (Max Pemberton, The Spectator)– One of the most shocking op-ed columns I have ever read (which is not to say I don’t agree with at least some points).  (“It ought to be easy. Doctors should be required to tell patients a blunt truth: if you’re fat, eat less, exercise more, or both. And if you keep guzzling the tasty treats, you will die earlier. It’s not a disease, it’s a mindset — and that means it can be changed. We doctors need to be a little less understanding, a little more judgmental, and realise that our oath — ‘do no harm’ — must come before our desire to save the feelings of our patients. The truth can be the hardest drug to administer. “)

How poor will you have to be to qualify for subsidized health insurance?


Obama and the Debt (Sean Wilentz, NYT)

Why are Obamacare opponents so vehement? (David E. Williams, Health Business Blog)– There are reasons, but none of them are good.

Understanding the Game Being Played in Washington (Justin Fox, Harvard Business Review)

It’s Not Just Political Districts.  Our News is Gerrymandered Too. (David Carr, NYT)

The 13 reasons Washington is Failing (Ezra Klein, Wonkblog)

The Last Days of the GOP (John Judis, New Republic)– Probably too optimistic.

Back Door Secession (Garry Wills, NYRB)


Drowning in the DIgital Abyss (J. Hoberman, NYRB)


Let’s Build a More Secure Internet (Eli Dourado, NYT)

From the Start, Signs of Trouble at Health Portal (Robert Pear, Sharon LaFraniere, and Ian Austen, NYT)– At the convergence of too much outsourcing and too little capacity and capability in the public sector.


Fed up with Fundraising for My Kids’ School (Alane Salierno Mason, NYT)– I am sick of all the little nickel and diming that goes on, but most of all, I am tired of all the gimmicks that are more work for me as a parent, but are not ultimately contributing anything to my child’s learning.

Health Care

Welcome to the new and unimproved health care (Gary Lapon, Socialist Worker)

The Big Picture

Walmart Can Solve the Inequality Problem.  It Starts with Stickers. (Michael Kinsley, The New Republic)


Complacency on Wall Street Could Be Worse than a Panic (Jesse Eisenger, NYT DealBook)– In hindsight, they got this one right


‘Equality is Not a Feeling’ (Joanna Brooks, Religion Dispatches)

Men, Women and Priesthood Session (Nate Oman, Times and Seasons)

And I’m Afraid of No One (Lindsey Park, Feminist Mormon Housewives)

This is a Hard Saying; Who Can Hear It? (Steve Evans, By Common Consent)– Steve Evans comes back to BCC for a special one-night-only performance.


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