Volume 3.23 (June 2-8)

Pick of the Week— War fatigue: What happens when America is at war and no one is paying attention? (David W. Brown, Vox)


Waves of Minors on Their Own Rush to Cross Southwest Border (Frances Robles, NYT)

Foreign Affairs

Tiananmen, Forgotten (Helen Gao, NYT)– “The party is responsible for distorting my generation’s understanding of history through state education and blocking our access to sensitive information. Yet even those who are well-aware of the state’s meddling make little effort to seek truth and push for change.”

“I Think It’s Already Been Forgotten”: How China’s millennials talk about Tiananmen Square (Christopher Beam, New Republic)

Tiananmen at Twenty-five: Victory over Memory (Evan Osnos, New Yorker)


Struggle is a natural part of learning (Austen Kassinger, WaPo)– “It’s the implicit message that kids should find something to blame when school is hard. They will face challenging assignments for the next dozen years in school, in all subjects, regardless of what standards are driving the instruction. Rather than a way out, the best thing children can learn is how to help themselves.”

A theory of jerks (Eric Schwitzgebel, Aeon)


The Refounding Father (Cass Sunstein, NYRB)


Interview with David Graeber on ‘bullshit jobs’ (Thomas Frank, Salon)– “Spotlight on the financial sector did make apparent just how bizarrely skewed our economy is in terms of who gets rewarded”


Catholicism’s Crimes Against Humanity (Andrew Sullivan, The Dish)– “I blame the crippling, toxic, near-insane fixation on sexual sin as the core ideology at work here. A view of sex that is riddled with shame and disgust, in which simple human nature must be so expelled and exterminated it requires a secret mass grave to keep the lie in place. ”


How Marriott’s owner put aside his Mormon beliefs to cash in on the LGBT travel market (Yitz Jordan, Quartz)

How the modesty police are hurting my son (bunkers down)– “But don’t you dare say it is to protect my son.  Because I am teaching my son that he is responsible for each of his thoughts and actions.  I am teaching my son that he needs to treat females and males respectfully, no matter what they wear.  I am teaching my son that the media uses sex to sell things and that he’s strong enough to not be manipulated by a woman’s body.  I’m teaching my son to use his mind over his groin and I’m teaching him that women are more than just their body parts.”


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