Volume 2.15 (April 8-14)

Pick of the week – Margaret Thatcher and Misapplied Death Etiquette (Glenn Greenwald, The Guardian)– Greenwald is always strong when taking on sacred cows.


Teachers: Will We Ever Learn? (Jal Mehta, NYT)

Texas Considers Backtracking on Testing (Motoko Rich, NYT)

Foreign Affairs

Barbara Boxer, AIPAC seek to codify Israel’s right to discriminate against Americans (Glenn Greenwald, The Guardian)

Child Migrants, Alone in Court (Sonia Nazario, NYT)– Since arriving at my new firm in September of last year, I have had the privilege of being involved as part of KIND in a couple of these cases, primarily as a Spanish translator.  This is the sort of stuff that people like me really went to law school to do, not to service the whims of multinational corporations (though the pay is gratifying and for those of us with families, somewhat necessary).  I am in total awe of those who devote their full careers to this type of work.

Margaret Thatcher left a dark legacy that has still not disappeared (Hugo Young, The Guardian)

The Iraq War: a cost-benefit analysis (Noah Smith, Noahpinion)– “What should matter is that we paid a lot, and we got not much.”


Attn (emeritus) President Dalton: Virtue cannot be Stolen (fmhLisa, Feminist Mormon Housewives)

Protecting Women (Julie Smith, Times & Seasons)

What is the Priesthood? Thoughts to Consider on the Issue of Ordaining Mormon Women from a Male Mormon Feminist (David Bokovoy, Worlds without End)


When Shareholder Democracy is Sham Democracy (James B. Stewart, NYT)

How the Location of Colleges Hurts the Economy (David Leonhardt, NYT)

Prosperity requires more than the rule of law (John Kay, Financial Times)

Roger Ebert as a Builder of an Empire (David Carr, NYT)


Why Paternalism is your Friend (Cass Sunstein, The New Republic)

North Carolina’s ‘Official Religion’: The Convoluted History of American States and Established Religion (Ben Park, Religion & Politics)

About the Children (Bill Keller, NYT)

The New Deal that Could Have Been (Rich Yeselson, The American Prospect)


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